Open Concept Kitchen Vancouver WA

Open Concept Kitchen Designs

For the longest time, closing kitchens off from the rest of the house was the norm. The reasoning went the mess and smells that come from cooking were best kept confined and away from the rest of the home. A closed-off kitchen also made for a more formal dining experience, especially while entertaining. A nook…

Modern Farmhouse Vancouver WA

Farmhouse Design

As they say, everything old becomes new again. Clothing fashions, colors, and even in  the entertainment business, designers are looking to the past for their newest creations. The homebuilding business is no different. With their classic looks and timeless beauty, the farmhouse design is making a comeback. But what goes into designing a farmhouse? A…

Timber Entryway featured on a custom home built in Vancouver WA

Timber Entryway Lends Warmth

Timber Entryway Lends Warmth After spending months on plans, designs, and construction, it’s time to walk into the finished, brand new home. To make that first step all the more inviting, Rain Creek Construction specializes in timber-framed entryways to give the house a statement piece even before stepping inside. Before you think timber-framed entryways are…